16 years of experience
Financial safeguarding
8,470,000 parcels delivered
1,290 various products manufactured under OEM-contracts
Law-friendly trade guidance
43 loyal partnerships maintained for the past 9 years
We are the leader on the US, Japanese and European e-commerce markets doing perfectly three main JOBS for our clients
Job we do #1

Ensure clients comfortable business and save their time on orders
How we do it

We explore the market and carefully select top-ranked quality suppliers. We monitor orders from the very beginning and inform in advance about potential problems to avoid customers’ refunds and chargebacks.

BNPL solution - clients pay only when package is delivered and customer is happy
Job we do #2

Bring clients more profit from each shipped order
How we do it

Our reputation and market share help us to get the best rates on the market and provide clients with the best deals
Job we do #3

Give clients access to the best shipping options and top products on the market
How we do it

Years of professional experience have given us an access to every single distributor on the market. Asking us clients ask the whole market.

We are distinctive gateway to all market opportunities
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